New track "Beyond the fear" in aid of Breast Cancer

  • Naadia Sheriff
  • Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021
New track "Beyond the fear" in aid of Breast Cancer

Bridging the gap from fear to hope. Two friends document their pandemic story, in a musical collaboration and celebration of community. Beyond The Fear is now available as a digital release with all proceeds to Breast Cancer Now.

“There were days when all I could see was loss, in my family, my relationship, my job. And in that first time when everything shut down the only thing that made sense was to walk. And as the days turned into weeks and months what was fixed began to shift; what had seemed safe felt like a straitjacket. I stopped wanting to go back and started to think what life could be like, beyond the fear.”

Breast Cancer Now is a UK charity providing world-class research and life- changing care for people affected by breast cancer. The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the diagnosis, treatment, care and experiences of people living with breast cancer. Aimee (who works for the charity) and Naadia, have been friends since childhood and ‘Beyond Fear’ became their way of staying connected and raising vital funds for Breast Cancer Now.
Inspired by Erland Cooper’s, ‘A Nightingale Sings Outside Our Window’ Aimee began recording sounds on her daily walks, which Naadia turned into musical ‘scenes’, painting a picture of a year filled with uncertainty, isolation, anxiety, community and hope.

Sounds include: wind in the trees outside Aimee’s window; her neighbours clapping for the NHS; solitary drips of water on a deserted Sheffield street and the birds singing, with a plane overhead. Naadia added music to each ‘scene’ and wrote a folk melody to represent the themes of community and fellowship. The piece opens with Aimee’s spoken word reflections on a challenging year and builds into a collaborative finale. Naadia invited her family, friends, colleagues and pupils, to record the folk theme which she wove into a joyful celebration of hope.

released April 10, 2021


Naadia Sheriff piano keyboards accordion

Aimee Hilton spoken word audio clips

Dave Manington guitar bass sound engineering

Jonathan Taylor whistle

Sophie Alloway Drums.

Also featuring

Liz Berry violin

James Manington violin

Damon Robb flute piccolo

Harrison Robb alto sax

Fliss Gorst tenor sax

Emilia Muzzi Hall viola

Ruth Wills recorder

Daniel Seed drums

Lara Eidi vocals

cover art Dominique Golden